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Crowdfunding is getting crowded

Since its launch, Kickstarter has been growing at an exponential rate, and with high profile projects recently garnering significant media attention, more people than ever are flocking to the platform to fund their great ideas.

The problem is… not all of these ideas are great.

As the popularity of crowdfunding has increased, and companies like Kickstarter have made it easier for project creators to launch projects, the quality of projects seems to have unfortunately declined.

CrowdLoot is changing how we discover crowdfunding projects

We’ve harvested the crowd to assemble a team of curators that are passionate about finding and sharing the best projects on Kickstarter.

Every day, these crowdfunding heroes filter through new projects, and the best make it to our website, where people like you are able to upvote and discuss.

We filter the junk, then put you in control.

Sounds cool! How do I submit my project?

Anybody can sign in and submit their project using the menu links at the top of this page. Please keep in mind that we get a lot of submissions and not every project will make the cut.

Can I pay you to get my product listed?

Nope! But send it through and if it’s cool we may just add it for free!

Can any Kickstarter project go on Crowd Loot?

Pretty much any Kickstarter project can be listed on Crowd Loot, but we’re really looking for projects that get people excited, that look like they’re going to deliver, and that have convinced our contributors that you can make it happen.

What about my Indiegogo/Tilt/Pozible Project?

Hold your horses! We’re still waiting for the paint to dry on the site, but in the future we do plan to list projects on other platforms.

How do I get on the front page?

Projects on the front page are sorted by date, then votes. The more upvotes a project receives, the closer to the front it’ll be for that particular day. The cream always rises to the top!

This site seems an awful lot like Product Hunt!

The creators of Crowd Loot were really inspired by what Ryan and the team over at Product Hunt have built. The real difference here is that we are strictly crowdfunding projects, whereas Product Hunt tends to deal mostly with projects that are already launched.

Who started Crowd Loot?

Crowd Loot is the brain child of Ross Currie, who has previously run a successful Kickstarter project for Squishy Forts and is an active member of the Kickstarter Best Practices group.